Monday, September 21, 2009

Another success

Yay! I got my periods. Probably  it's the first time in my life I am so happy about getting my periods! Any one who deals with PCOS will share my feelings. At this point it looks like whatever Iam doing now with the food, exercise and medication is working. Iam keeping a diary and hope the changes I  have brought in my life will work for me in future as well. Iam keeping my fingers crossed!
I got my periods for the first time when I was 13 years old. They were regular for the first 5 years and then started becoming irregular. I consulted several doctors but in vain. I got periods only when I took provera. None of the medicines seemed  to  work. After few years I was put on BCPs. The periods were regular but the BCPs were ruining my life. Weight gain, depression, fatigue and exhaustion were some of the side effects. I stopped the BCPs in Sept 2008 after using them for 6 years. I did not have a single period on my own since then. I had only 3 periods in the last one year and they were all induced by provera.My body doesn't take the provera  very  well. I feel very depressed and cranky.My doctor says it's important to have periods.Not having periods for a long time may cause endometrial cancer.I took the provera 3 months ago and my last period was in late July. I decided to listen to my body and stopped the provera. I have been reading about ayurveda and using natural foods which are known to help with irregular menstrual cycles.I have been doing this for a year now. I also brought additional changes in my diet ,exercise and started some prenatal vitamins and DHA tablets.Since my legs don't ache much  now I have started bycling for about 20 minutes everyday. I have been doing Yogasanas which help with secretion of hormones. I will write a separate post for the foods and Yogasanas  which I think have helped me.God, Thanks for answering my prayers.I see light at the end of the tunnel.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Story

I was diagnosed with PCOS and Insulin Resistance in November 2008, after suffering from the symptoms for 14 years. I was pushed around by doctors and stuffed with BCPs. Like most of the soulcysters out there I too went through a tough time - Weight gain, belly fat, facial hair were my problems. But the problems which really bothered me a whole lot were depression, emotional breakdown, inability to focus on a task for a long time and severe leg/heel aches. The leg/heel aches are not very common unless you are highly Insulin resistant.
I have always been a health nut all my life and a very active person. I eat the right foods - whole grains, wheat pastas and bread, fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and fish and rarely eat fried, canned and processed foods. I used to exercise regularly until the leg/heel aches became so bad that I could not stand or walk for more than 5 minutes. In spite of leading a healthy lifestyle I was confused and frustrated about the weight gain. In early 2009 I read a book titled “The Insulin- Resistance Diet: How to turn Off Your Body’s Fat-Making Machine”. This is not a fad diet book. This book actually explains the right way to eat. The whole emphasis here is to balance the carbohydrates with protein. You can eat well without depriving yourself and still combat insulin resistance. However, the book has very few recipes. I have traveled the world and love different cuisines. Over the period of time I have followed the principles from the book and come up with recipes for my favorite dishes. So far I have lost about 20 pounds. I am 5 ‘3 inches tall and now weigh 130 pounds.
Yoga, Pranayam and Meditation have helped me with emotional breakdowns and depression. These holistic treatments have helped me to reduce stress and have brought peace and tranquility in my life.
Another small success I have achieved after a year of discipline is I can walk for hours now. I feel like a 10 month old baby who has newly learnt to walk. I am truly enjoying it :)
I want to help women suffering from PCOS and Insulin Resistance with my lessons learnt.
Right food, exercise and self help can make a big difference. In this blog I will share my recipes and tips which have helped me battle PCOS and Insulin Resistance.I will be happy to answer your questions or help you in any way I can.
Love and Peace!